Standing a few feet from heroes Neil Armstrong and John Glenn at the Wright brothers’ graves, we reverently listened to the 97-year old minister who had presided over Orville’s funeral 55 years before. Flight is a timeless and powerful metaphor for human beings’ hopes and fears; writing DREAMS OF FLIGHT in celebration of the 100th anniversary of flight propelled me on a journey of extraordinary new experiences, while unearthing airborne reveries from my childhood.
“What a beautiful play! All of those connections clicked and made for a memorable and insightful story!”
Dr. Cris Crissman, Partners-in-Flight


DREAMS OF FLIGHT (11 actors: 2f/3m children and 2f/4m adults) is a one-act play for children and families exploring flight, faith and hope through the story of Chrys, a Native American girl who yearns to become an astronaut. After losing her mother (and use of her legs) in a deadly car accident, Chrys goes to live with her mysterious grandfather, Leonardo. She conquers her fears – and reaches for the stars – with the help of the Wright brothers (her patron saints), a street-wise pigeon, and the spirit of Mother Earth.

“Thank you…for the wonderful performances of DREAMS OF FLIGHT…. Your entertaining as well as inspiring dramatic production was a unique and creative addition to the Museum programs surrounding the “Defying Gravity” exhibition!”
Dianna S. Phillips, North Carolina Museum of Art.


Creation of the play part of a North Carolina-Ohio multi-arts project developed for the centennial of powered flight. Commissioned by Exploration Station Children’s Museum (NC); additional support received from North Carolina Arts Council, North Carolina Museum of Art, Robeson County Public School System, Carolina Civic Center, and First Flight Centennial Commission.

Premiere: Wright Centennial Celebration (Kitty Hawk, NC 2003), followed by performances at the North Carolina Museum of Art and Carolina Civic Center. Selections broadcast as part of the North Carolina-Ohio Partners in Flight E-Field Trip to the International Space Station.


Kat Littleturtle, Morgan Hunt, Tracy Hoggard, Robert Summers, Brianna E.A. Goodwin, William A. Carter, Blaine T. Goodwin, Stephen Chambers, Carly Redfearn, Mark Perry, Julian (J) Chachula, Kaya Clark, Tony Clark