By the time I was five, I knew that all those 50s television shows portraying happy, well-adjusted families were a fantasy. I also knew I would leave my clan as soon as I graduated high school. MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD is based on personal and friends’ experiences surviving the trauma of dysfunctional families.
“A comic, biting and sad impressionistic depiction of the family and of
growing up, and included the memorable refrain: ‘Go watch t.v.’!”
Chris Forhan, The Arts Journal


MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD (1f/2m; optional: 1 dancer, 1 musician)
One-act play about running away – and coming home. Scenes, incorporating music and dance, are structured as ‘family portraits,’ evoking remembrances (painful and funny) of the precarious state of childhood.

“The genius behind this multi-media experience was June Guralnick….Three actors… overlapped impressions of various childhoods and a … dancer appeared creating a dreamlike quality.”
Margaret Boothe Baddour, The Pilot


Premiere: Kennedy Center (North Carolina Night of the Arts), Washington, D.C.
Performances at Stewart Theatre-North Carolina State University followed by a tour of select college theatres in North Carolina.
Selections published in “Monologues for Men” (Heinemann Press)


Holden Hansen, Paula Larke, Cynthia Mitchell, Tony Medlin, Yung Yung Tsai, Hugh Robertson.