Once a child’s game, tree sitting has tragically become an act of civil disobedience. Inspired by the courageous environmentalists who literally put their bodies – and lives – on the line to prevent deforestation, SPACE INTERLUDE was written for all those fighting to save our planet.


SPACE INTERLUDE (2f) is a poetic, post-apocalyptic fairy tale about a mother and daughter hurtling through space, seeking home and salvation.


Workshop: Greensboro Playwrights Forum (NC)
Premiere: 10 x 10 New Plays Festival, Carrboro Arts Center.
Published: Blackbird Press (VA) and recording streamed by Blackbird
Broadcast: AirPlay (NY) as part of Women’s History Month Celebration
Performances: Cary Playwrights Forum, Cary Arts Center, NC

To hear a recording of SPACE INTERLUDE, visit this link.


Original Cast (Greensboro, NC): Sandra Oliver, Allison Gallerani