WOMEN OF THE LIGHT was born from a passionate Carolina romance. One hot, summer day, I fell madly in love – with a 208-foot lighthouse! Climbing the 268 winding steps of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, I felt awestruck (and somewhat breathless) perched at the precipice between land and sky. Gazing out over the horizon, a strange image of a woman in long skirts carrying a lantern seized my imagination. After a year of research and collaboration with co-author Cynthia Mitchell, our new drama emerged illuminating the lives of forgotten heroines from America’s past!
“Your innovative presentation of women lighthouse keepers was both enthralling and historically accurate!”
The Mariners’ Museum


From 1776 to 1924, there were approximately 360 female lighthouse keepers and assistant keepers in the United States (and many more women unofficially worked in lighthouses with, or in place of, their husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons). WOMEN OF THE LIGHT brings to life the challenges and triumphs of six of these courageous women in the 1800s – and one enchanted sea sprite! Incorporating early American songs, the characters portrayed are based on real historical figures. Originally written to be performed by one actress, different actresses can perform the various roles.

“The play weaves together a tapestry of authentic stories and haunting songs, capturing the women keepers’ indomitable spirit of endurance and celebration of life.”
The Coastland Times


Workshop Production: Delphic Institute, NC
Workshop Production: Outer Banks Lighthouse Society, NC
National Tour: Maritime museums and schools


Cynthia Mitchell